for thermal solar panels

Why protect thermal solar panels?

The solar thermal panels are placed on the roofs of buildings and buildings. Their exposure to atmospheric agents is constant, therefore they are exposed to risks and wear. Aepa installs protections for solar thermal panels. These protections are a sort of roller shutter that can be automated. The protection for thermal solar panels is designed to allow temperature regulation, differentiating the opening and closing of the shutters. Defend your solar panels with Ae.Pa. protections.

What are thermal solar panels?

Solar panels are panels that transform solar radiation into thermal energy for plumbing systems. By thermal solar panels we mean the complex of technology that makes up the system, therefore it includes solar panels, conduits, valves, tanks and absorption panels. The solar thermal panels transform the direct solar beam and for this they must be positioned strategically. The sun is one of the renewable energies on which much is being invested for the respect of man and the environment. Aepa it aims to contribute by preserving the good condition of thermal solar panels.


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