Our new SHUTTER protects solar panels against bad weather and opens and closes to let you adjust the temperature.


  • Electric shutter made of insulated aluminium, ideal to prevent water from overheating, protect against hail, and cover the system when not used for long periods.

  • Thanks to a special drive system , the shutter can operate at any angle, both on the roof and on brackets for flat surfaces, and in any direction, from the bottom up and vice versa or sideways.

  • Lets you adjust water temperature simply by increasing or decreasing the exposed surface area of the solar panel.

  • On large surfaces, multiple panels can be installed next to each other.

Protezione pannello solare


  • Rolling aluminum insulated electric, type universal
  • Colors: brown and silver grey
  • Comprehensive engine electrical 220v.
  • Measures: a from 100×100 250×250
  • Packed in minimum size of very low overall, ready for the assembly work at times very fast.
  • All the screws and components used for the production and ‘in
  • Stainless steel.
  • Power: 220v.c.a.
  • Power consumption: 95w
  • Thrust: 10 nm
  • Speed ‘travel: 14/17 rpm
  • Index of protection: ip44
  • Close limit switch-opening: mechanical, incorporated, adjustable
  • Thermostat with probe, already wired with switch and control manual button (optional)

technical information

Download complete product information below.


Panel protection opening

Protection for solar panels from atmospheric phenomena and for energy regulation.
Regulation of the water temperature, simply increasing or decreasing the exposed surface of the solar panel.


Panel protection closure

The prospects for using this product are truly remarkable since thanks to its operation it is possible to stop the production of energy at any time without unnecessary overheating.

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